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80CC Motorized Bike Bicycle 2 Stroke Gas Engine Motor Kit with Speedometer


  • 长(CM):42.00
  • 宽(CM):42.00
  • 高(CM):18.00
  • 重量(G):11220.00

This 80cc motorcycle kit can upgrade a regular bike to a motorcycle and enjoy a faster ride that can reach 38km/h as a motorcycle or scooter. Equipped with a mechanical speedometer, you can clearly know the driving speed to see if the vehicle is running normally.


  • Powerful Engine: Equipped with a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke 80cc single-cylinder gasoline engine. Made of high-quality steel, high strength and hardness, durable and long service life. It's can upgrade the regular bike to a motorized bike.The speed can reach up to 38km/h, which is the fastest but safe speed you can get.
  • Mechanical Speedometer: Equipped with mechanical speedometer, this engine kit can help you check the driving speed easily. Mechanical speedometers measure the speed of a car by being linked mechanically with the gearbox output shaft .
  • Run Silently: The Motor is working with low levels of noise and vibration.You can use it in any outdoor environment without having to worry about noise nuisance.
  • Convenient Operation: This great design makes the bike easy and quick to assemble. Riders just need to mount the motor to the frame, connect the cables, and fill up the gas tank to start their first ride.
  • Safe & Fuel-efficient: The bike motor applies safe capacitor discharge ignition method, so that you can use it safely. And also the motor consumes 2.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, which is super fuel-efficient.
  • Complete Engine Kit: The whole set is equipped with all the hardware needed to turn most traditional hand bikes into electric bikes, including engine, fuel tank, speedometer, muffler, and more. Fits most 24” or 26" V-bikes such as mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, helicopters.


  • Type of Engine: 80 Feet Start Engine
  • Model of Engine: Single Cylinder air cooling 2 stroke
  • Bore & Stroke: 47x40mm=80cc
  • Rated Power: 2.5KW/5000r/min
  • Max. Power: 3.5KW/6000r/min
  • Ignition Model: CDI
  • Compression Ratio: 6/0.1
  • Driving Ratio: 18/0.1
  • Fuel: No.90
  • Type of speaking Plug: Z4C 14mm
  • Volume of Oil Consumption: 2.5L/100km
  • Type Clutch: Friction plate dry
  • Cooling Mode:Natural air cooling
  • Speed limitation:38km/h
  • Net Weight of Main Set: 7KG
  • LUB. Oil: Oil of 2 stroke gasoline engine(or oil for 10W/40.10W/30)
  • Mixing Ratio of fuel & engine Oil: 16:1 for the new sets/20:1 after running 500km

Package Included:

  • 1 x 2 Stroke Engine
  • 1 x Fuel Tank
  • 1 x mechanical speedometer
  • 1 x Fuel Tank Cap
  • 1 x Chain
  • 1 x Exhaust Pipe
  • 1 x Kill Switch
  • 1 x Clutch Cable And Throttle Cable,
  • 1 x Clutch Lever
  • 1 x CDI
  • 1 x Carburetor
  • 1 x Chain Guard
  • 1 x Chain,
  • 1 x U Brackets And Bolts
  • 1 x Chain Tensioner
  • 1 x Exhaust Muffler Fixer
  • 1 x Throttle Handle
  • 1 x Rubber Sheet
  • 1 x Fixed Iron
  • 1 x Spark Plug Tool
  • 1 x Fuel filter
  • 1 x Fuel Valve
  • 1 x Spring
  • 1 x Spark Plug
  • 1 x Fuel line
  • 1 x Withdrawal Tool
  • 1 x Install Screw


  • Wipe up any spilled fuel. NEVER fuel a hot engine or smoke while fueling. This could result in sudden fire, personal injury. Always move your motorized bike at least 10 feet from any fueling area before attempting to start it. Never leave the tank fuel cap off after fueling as rain water will contaminate the fuel and cause engine failure.
  • Open the fuel valve. Small lever pointed down with fuel line is in the open position.
  • Depress the small round cap plunger, ( Tickle button ), to prime carburetor. Located on left side of the carburetor next to the idle adjust screw. One or two times is enough.
  • Lift choke lever to the upward position. This is the small lever on the right side of the carburetor.All the way Up the choke is on. All the way Down the choke is off. Move progressively downward to off position during engine warm up period.
  • Pull the handlebar clutch lever inward, to disengage the engine from the rear wheel.
  • Let out the clutch lever all the way out and continuing to pedal. The result is a direct engine hook up with the rear wheel via chain and sprocket and the engine will now start spinning, Pedal until motor starts. Accelerate slowly at first.
  • Twist throttle to increase speed, reverse twist throttle to decrease speed. To stop, disengage clutch and apply brakes. To accelerate, pedal and release clutch while opening throttle.
  • Adjust choke to the smoothest engine running position.
  • After warm up push choke lever all the way down. If engine races too fast, or too slow, pull clutch lever and lock in the notched catch, stop and adjust engine rpm.
  • If the rpm needs adjusting, turn the idle adjust screw (left side of carburetor) in or out slowly to obtain the proper idle speed of about 1400 rpm +/- 100 rpm. To correctly break the engine in, Do not exceed 15 mph or 30 min. continual running for the first 50 miles during engine brake in. Engine will develop more power after break in.
  • To stop the engine, push Kill switch and turn off gas valve at tank. Turning off the gas will prevent fuel from being siphoned from tank. Warning Note: Never leave the tank gas valve in “open” position when engine is not running or the bike is in storage.
  • After or before each ride check all mounting fasteners, including hd. bolts, axle and brakes.
  • Warning Note: Engine lock up or piston seizure due to improper gas / oil mixture will not be covered by factory warranty. This the responsibility of the owner / operator to make sure the gas and oil is mixed correctly.

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